Community Health Nursing Family Health Assessment

also. family was chosen in the community to be assessed with the help of a family health assessment. The purpose of the assessment is to bat the specifics of the family composition, cerebral and physical health, and to anatomize the social aspects of the family development. The results of the family health assessment are epitomized, three nursing judgments are linked, and the applicable plan of care is proposed.

Family Health Assessment Data

While pertaining to the family composition, also. family can be described as an extended family composed of Sui, the Asian 34- time-old ma; John, the Caucasian 39- time-old father; Ben, a 4- time-old son; Ann, a 14- time-old son; and Lu, the Asian 63- time-old grandmother. The father is a leader in the family, but it’s rather delicate to determine the primary provider because both the ma and father work to support their family. The grandmother is responsible for abetting in minding for the children.

The function of family members is affected by analogous being physical or cerebral conditions as 63- time-old Lu’s coronary heart complaint which prevents her from working laboriously during a long period of time; 39- time-old John’s asthma; 4- time-old Ben’s asthma which prevents him from important physical exertion; and 14- time-old Ann’s generalized anxiety complaint which prevents her from interacting successfully at academe.

also. family lives in a house erected in suburban homes during the 1980s- 1990s. The community also does not suffer from air pollution because of low sedulity development. also. family can be mooted as a middle- class family. Sui works in the retailing sedulity, and John is a director in a small original company specialized in delivery. Sui and John are the breadwinners in the family.

Sui and John adequately fulfilled all the experimental stages and tasks. 4- time-old Ben demonstrates the successful accomplishment of physical, emotional, cognitive, and social experimental tasks typical for his age. 14- time-old Ann seems to be rather immature for her age in relation to the emotional and social spheres, the girl is concentrated on the grandmother’s help in resolving the everyday schedule and practice tasks. 63- time-old Lu suffers from the stress caused by the pullout for which the woman was not set psychologically. Stress in the family is constantly a result of Ann and Lu’s experimental countries( Allender, Rector, & Warner, 2014,p. 112). presently, also. family is in the developing part of the motherly Times stage. also. family successfully achieved the former experimental stages.

The family members have a heritable partiality to coronary and vascular conditions as well as to habitual respiratory conditions and asthma. The immunization status of the family can be mooted as good; the conditions for vaccination are followed. overgrown- ups and children in the family experience a range of health problems because of the lack of physical exertion and adult smoking( Mirzaei & Aspin, 2013,p. 251). thus, 63- time-old Lu suffers from coronary heart complaint. 34- time-old Sui smokes regularly. 39- time-old John and 4- time-old Ben suffer from asthma. 14- time-old Ann suffers from frequent respiratory conditions and generalized anxiety complaint. 63- time-old Lu was recently rehabilitated because of coronary heart complaint and increased arrhythmias. The situation came stressful for Sui and John because of impossibility to admit help in minding for Ben. Sui and John chose to hire a good nurse for a long period in order to give Lu with the necessary time for rehabilitation.

also. family uses face- to- face communication and exchanges by phone. The communication can be mooted as affective while agitating the relations of Lu, Ann, and Ben because Lu spends important time with children. Sui and John prefer to bat business themes at home. The father is responsible for making all opinions in the family. Sui can give some advice on the issue. There is no validation of violence in theN. family, and discipline is supported with the focus on performing tasks and gaining prices. still, the family deals with heads unsuccessfully because the family members do not give the necessary emotional support to each other.

The members of theN. family are Catholics, but they do not pay important attention to religious rituals. The family is of mixed cultural and racial heritage, but only Lu follows some of the Chinese traditions. The cultural heritage does not impact the family’s health and social state. While agitating the family’s pretensions, it’s important to note that the family members are preoccupied with material values, and they do not concentrate on supporting their health( Bopp, Fallon, Bolton, & Kahl, 2012,p. 231). The family constantly relies on the external backing of the family’s primary care provider. In malice of the lack of close communication in the family, the part conflicts are also absent. It’s possible to note that the emergency plan of theN. family is predicated on reaching the family’s primary care provider and guaranteeing material prices for persons furnishing the health and care assistants( babysitters, babysitters).

Three Nursing judgments for the Family

The family members are at trouble of worsening asthma conditions and habitual respiratory conditions as well as lung cancer because of smoking and lack of knowledge in the sphere of care( attack, Simon, Brody, & Akinbami, 2013,p. 407).
The adult members of theN. family are at trouble of the emotional collapse because of the focus on work exertion and the lack of effective communication.
The family members are at trouble of developing habitual heart conditions because of unhealthy eating habits, stresses, and incapacity to find the balance between work and rest.


The family health assessment includes not only physiological data but also the information on cerebral, social, cultural, and profitable factors affecting the life and health of the family. This data is important to propose effective interventions to manage with the linked risks. The nursing care plan provides the necessary information on perfecting the family’s health.

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