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A study carried out to probe the plight of global health reveals that it’s at its utmost disaster. The study shows that the new chops brought about by wisdom and drug have failed to attend to the requirements of the global population. Although outstanding advancements have been prepared in the health condition encyclopedically over the last century, these advancements haven’t met the requirements of everyone. The reason behind this is because of the different living standard in different countries.

As one of the most intimidating disasters in the global health, hunger has done a lot in decelerating down numerous countries in the world. One of the affected countries by the global health issues is Haiti, my country of birth. Haiti is believed to be one of the countries that have noway enjoyed freedom for a long time now. numerous may wonder why there’s so important hunger in the country; the reason behind it’s because of the poverty that has dominated the country.

Poverty in Haiti is exceptional due to poor governance, education, and the continued earthquakes( Shahpara. 5). Lack of support in the agrarian sector has also contributed a lot towards hunger in country, a position that Jacques Diouf, the Director General of FAO agrees with. According to Diouf, “ profitable and social reconstruction of the country needs a restoration of food product and massive investment in pastoral area ”( Jere 1752). For this reason, you’ll find nearly everybody in Haiti is affected either directly or laterally.

The exploration done shows that in the 21st century, hunger is the leading threat to health worldwide. A report published by the World Health Organization reveals that hunger kills further people than cancer, heart conditions, AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis combined. It’s also estimated that in every four children, one is light.

Due to the light condition, a child is likely to die from contagious conditions as a result of a weakened impunity. According to one of the American experimenter, “ the empty are the poorest of the poor, and advancements in poverty do n’t automatically reach them ”( Dickenson 7) as it has been in Haiti. The impact of hunger can bring about poverty, malnutrition, HIV/ AIDS among numerous further.


Poverty has a great impact on the global health issue as numerous people know. The experimenter has easily proven that, if you’re poor you may have nothing to eat. Unlike in Haiti, numerous people are poor due to the shy support from the government that has not been stable for relatively eventually due to the intimidating issues that arises in the country continually. It’s believed that the topmost number of people in Haiti live below the poverty line causing the speedy growth of poverty in the country.( Jere, 1754)
Malnutrition isn’t commodity new to the people of Haiti. exploration shows that Haitians are chronically feasted due to lack of enough food. Under nutrition has an effect on the vulnerable structure mounting to the circumstances and exactingness of conditions and is an confederated issue in roughly all children deaths( Dickenson 😍


This complaint will always repel due to lack of plutocrat which is caused by the poor frugality in the country. In this case, you find numerous people indulging in harlotry in hunt of plutocrat, and this acts as one of the most common ways of constricting HIV/ Aids. The geste has spread fleetly due to poor governance, lack of enough to eat, and education. In this situation, you’ll find that little is done to protest out the complaint out of the country( Dickenson, 9)

Current aid organizational

It’s for these reasons that some associations have come together to help this country from this intimidating situation. These associations are doing much in educating the people of Haiti, bringing about new technologies, and changing the frugality that had drastically deteriorated. Some of these associations include scholars for Global Citizenship Club( S4GC), Boston Aid Groups Lead, Cell phones help prop group, and cholera intensifies struggle for aid group, among others( Jere 1754).

scholars for Global Citizenship Club( S4GC)

This association has done a lot in promoting the responsiveness of Haitians regarding global matters and movements dealing in both activism and volunteerism. The end is to develop the lives of others. For this reason, the people of Haiti have learned how to help one another in times of need.

They’ve also learned the need of coming together and forming associations that would take the country to great heights. Despite of all the challenges faced by Haitians, they’ve commodity to enjoy after having centers that can now feed for their requirements especially in terms of activism and leadership( Schnurr et al 398).

Boston Aid Groups Lead

This association has helped Haitians a lot by way of saving them during the earthquake. The association also funded the victims of the earthquake. In doing so, the Haitians couldn’t feel left before from the comfort they entered from this association that was willing to heal their injuries indeed during these hard times.

This association has been doing prodigies indeed in furnishing medical treatment for the injured people during any disaster. During these times of disaster, the association doesn’t forget to advance nutritive aid and give clean water for them to drink. This has developed and empowered the Haitians and as a result, they’re now better suitable to do the work by themselves.( Schnurr, etal, 399)

Cell phones help prop group

Cell phone helped the Haitians a lot during this tough period. The main end of this association was to collect any applicable information that could help the people whenever necessary. Any news that arose in the country was fluently transmitted and also stern measures were taken incontinently or before anything wrong happed.

This technology made the people feel connected and by so doing they were eager to take part in the association that eventually left them a new knowledge. This technology simplified effects since preliminarily people could walk for long distances in order to pass a simple information. Now they’ve the chance to make use of the available technology, effectively saving on time and cost( Dickenson, 10).

Cholera intensifies struggle for aid group

Due to the uninterrupted lack of proper diet, water pollution and education, among others, conditions had a wide path to enter into the people of Haiti. This association was there to give the most introductory musts in fighting any kind of epidemic that could arise in the country. The association was there to help and stop the spread of any complaint, educate the people about applicable hygiene and humanizing jilting of unwanted waste. This was great to the country for it made the people cultivated by literacy of all these( Schnurr et al 399).

Ignorance is among the leading issues associated with health problems. The position of ignorance in Haiti is high, meaning that people can not exercise healthy eating habits. In Haiti the distinction between the rich and the poor is veritably high. This distinction has led to the increase in health related problems among the poor.

According to Kendall( 293) in Montrouis, Haiti has a club med that hosts the rich people of the society and excursionists while just a many kilometers down, we’ve open requests characterized by raw meat, canvases , homeless people, glutted family. This is a script of the rich skirting the poor who live in adverse poverty and health related issues. Haiti isn’t only the poorest state in the western region, but it’s also unfit to feed its citizens.

This exposes its people to malnutrition related conditions like Marasmus and Kwashiorkor, among other conditions. According to Kendall( 293), statistics show that an estimated 40 percent or further of the children in Haiti are chronically glutted. The statistics also show that the eating habits of further that 80 of the Haitians are poor and that they take lower than,200 calories a day. The distinction is also seen in the income sector where the poor are also the low income earners who can not go food and medical services.

In poor nations, the quality of healthcare is low and people hardly admit it. utmost countries in the developing world are faced with this issue. The dispersion of health care installations and healthcare is precious to deliver to the people. The cost of drug, medical care, insurance, and availability to the healthcare structure are the downsides that hamper the deliverance of acceptable and quality healthcare.

Hospitals warrant enough medical services providers and health croakers . According to Goldstein( 41), Haiti is one of the poorest nations that give low quality and shy healthcare and its citizens are affected by this. Statistics by the WHO estimate that for every,000 Haitians, only eight croakers and ten nursers( Goldstein 41) are available. This has been recorded as the smallest rate in the healthcare sector in the world, and hence a global issue.

The script is worse indeed in other corridor of the world whereby utmost of the conventions, public hospitals and indeed the health croakers located in civic centers can not be penetrated fluently by the low income earners and those living in the pastoral areas. The pastoral residers have limited access to medical and healthcare installations. A study done in Haiti by the World Health Organization has shown that pastoral residers in Haiti face this problem and it has come a major concern to the aid and philanthropic associations.

Low life expectation has come a health issue in the world. utmost of the nations especially the bones in the low husbandry are faced with low life expectation. In Haiti, life expectation is as low as 53 times for the women and 50 for the men( Goldstein 41). child mortality death is also high with numerous children dying before reaching their first and fifth birthdays.

The report shows that for every 1000 children, 74 bones before they celebrate their first birthday. Their maters also die, with further than 520 women dying during parturition. This has been attributed to low income while attainability to the healthcare installations has also contributed to the observed script. A comparison of the situation in Haiti with that of the United States reveals an being gap between the developing and the development countries.

compliances in global health issues

In general the global health issues have a great impact on numerous countries especially Haiti. The reason behind this is because the country has noway enjoyed the fruits of its labor, unlike the other countries. Some of the impacts like poverty, malnutrition, HIV/ AIDS have greatly contributed to a retardation in the profitable growth of the country. Other impacts like poor sanitation installations, poor quality healthcare installations, disagreement between the poor and the rich and low life expectation have been part of the health issues in Haiti.

The paper summarizes how by the help of these associations, the poor Haiti now have commodity to smile about. exploration indicates that Haitians didn’t have commodity to smile about until these associations stepped by. These associations have changed the country dramatically leaving with them commodity they can smile for.

Health Issues Essay Conclusion

Hunger is a global health issues that can leave someone with no joy at all. Hunger has proven to be the leading disaster as global health issue of major concern to governments, and the situation is no different in Haiti. The paper easily shows how hunger has redounded in to the spread of HIV/ AIDs, malnutrition and poverty, among others, in Haiti.

The paper also shows that distinction between the poor and the rich contributes to the poor health in Haiti. Quality of healthcare and healthcare installations has also contributed to utmost of global health issues like malnutrition, low motherliness and mortality rate. Sanitation that includes sewerage, restroom and drinking water are common issues that are inhibited in the world as well as in Haiti.

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